Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Why is census 2011 important for the Ravidassia Community?

This will give the Ravidassia Community an individual religious identity and recognition.

The government can recognise and plan for us, and our needs. All of the tax money we pay by-passes us as a result.

It is of GREAT importance that the Ravidassia community has a uniform worldwide identity (Ravidassia). Generation after generation the Ravidassia community has gone without one single identity, in one respect lead to our history being distorted. Whenever a community member is asked what their religious identity is, it has been noticed on many occasions that they would rather opt to say they are from either sikh or hindu faith, instead if we all stated 'Ravidassia' as our Identity, i'm very sure we will be recognised. It is the community leaders roles to ensure we are moving forward toward this goal of our 'Ravidassia Identity'. We should all support this very real movement!

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